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The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), which comes into effect on July 1, compels businesses and organisations to protect personal information and prevent it being exposed and disseminated to unauthorised individuals and entities. Under the new law, a business will also no longer be allowed to keep a record of a data subject’s personal
10 practical and easily implementable tips Cost and time are big factors when training workforces and addressing compliance needs in the mining industry. eLearning allows mining companies to streamline their training programmes, keep track of all types of training, and measure skills gaps. The mining industry in South Africa has to contend with uncertainty due
What makes a Learning Platform an LXP? LXP KEY FEATURES that apply to aNewSpring. 1 1. Supports user generated content (UGC) 2 2. Modern UI and UX. 2 3. Easy content creation and curation. 2 4. Personalisation as standard. 2 5. Enhanced data insights and reporting. 3 6. Mobile app. 3 7. Connects people with
As any industry manufacturer knows, time plays a crucial role in the efficiency of a production line. And removing staff from that line for any reason can severely affect its “Takt time” – the rate at which a product must be completed to meet customer demand. Takt has a direct impact on a company’s financial
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The Foschini Group, one of the country’s largest clothing retailers, has announced that it will start reducing Chinese imports, and increase investment at two of its clothing factories in the Western Cape, adding more floor space and employing an additional 530 workers this year, and 5 000 by 2025. This is a silver lining in