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Designers with a strong Graphic Design background may be the advantage your company needs when working in the eLearning industry. Graphic Design serves an adaptable method in the eLearning environment as it can be used to enhance visual appeal, while supporting learners and keeping their interest throughout their learning journey. Complex ideas can be simplified
In South Africa, robust security personnel and services training are not just a necessity but a lifeline. To help organisations navigate this challenging terrain, we recommend the following for a comprehensive training program: Core skills and competencies Key touchpoints Simulation in training programme design Use of eLearning
South Africa has the eighth-highest global murder rate and a disconcerting presence on the cybercrime density list, the country faces complex security threats. Financial fraud, civil unrest, theft, armed robbery, carjacking, vandalism, and trespassing further compound these issues. The cost of safeguarding ourselves is staggering, with the nation allocating a substantial 10% of its GDP
In the dynamic world of the automotive industry, staying at the forefront of change is crucial. The shift towards hybrid and electric vehicles, driven by environmental concerns, has truly shaken things up. Nissan South Africa is taking a proactive approach to ensure their employees are equipped with the necessary skills to stay competitive. The Nissan
In the face of a challenging business landscape, the South African vehicle sales market continues to demonstrate resilience. Recent statistics from the Automotive Business Council (naamsa) may show a 3.1% drop in August sales compared to the previous year, but the inflation rate within the 3%-6% target range suggests that a turnaround could be on