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IMM graduate school
The IMM Graduate School has been providing distance learning to students for the past 60 years. Evolving with the ever-changing needs of students, the school has fully embraced ‘Anywhere, anytime learning’ and says this basic necessity is no longer seen as a ‘nice to have’. Anisa Fielding, Professional Programmes Manager, IMM Graduate School, says: “We
New Leaf Technologies hosted their 2nd e-Learning Indaba event for 2019 at the Bryanston Country club on the 5th June 2019. Over 170 HR and training professionals attended the morning event to listen to speakers talk about learning, where its heading and how we can all contribute to the development of learning in SA. New
Learning methods have changed considerably over the past few years, and the concept of traditional classroom training is fast becoming a legacy. Today’s learners want online, mobile and social learning solutions that are fun and interactive, and that’s where we come in. “Our ability to provide exciting, modern content for companies to use on the platform truly
With 47 clubs across the country, Planet Fitness found it a costly and inconvenient exercise to facilitate classroom-style training for their staff. They decided to look at e-learning platforms and began their research. ‘’It soon became obvious that aNewspring was the right choice. We found it superior in features and functionality, and it was more reasonably priced;’’ says
12% Out of millions of employees surveyed by Gallup, that’s how many said their employer does a great job of new hire onboarding. A paltry 12%. Across industries, the state of the new hire experience is—let’s admit it—pretty sad. And this comes despite how much we know about the critical importance of on-boarding, as shown by statistics on