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Enhancing employee retention in the retail industry can be achieved by addressing various factors such as offering competitive compensation and fostering personal growth opportunities. By investing in robust staff development and training programs, retailers can bring about positive changes in the work environment, leading to higher employee satisfaction and retention rates. Understanding the employee perspective
It’s challenging keeping customers happy throughout the day. It’s a tough job, but it must be done if a business is to succeed. Retailers must have knowledgeable and skilled employees to provide excellent customer service, product knowledge, and to create sales.  These days, autonomy is one of employees’ biggest demands. eLearning has provided a flexible and

Choosing the Right LMS

Learners have come to expect more than just classroom-style learning Learning, especially the kind of learning that occurs in a classroom-style setting, has become more than just receiving information and regurgitating it back on a test. Learners want to be able to access training anytime, anywhere; they want relevant content that addresses their needs; and
Understanding the Relationship Between People and BusinessThe South African workforce has grown over the years, and business people around the globe have grown to understand the importance of people in the growth of their businesses. I believe that to catch a person’s attention, you need to understand and accommodate the 5 senses. Sight, can your
Technology is advancing at a pace with many people concerned that their skills may become redundant in the not too distant future. AI technology like ChatGPT, LaMDA and Neuralink are in some ways posing a real challenge to the viability of some industries and how they’ve typically worked up until now. South African workers need