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The Never-Forget eLearning rules to design by. Too often today you will find organizations hastily slap-together a bunch of PowerPoint slides, upload them into a program like Articulate, click “publish” and call it “eLearning”. The reality is that this type of eLearning development is just flat-out ineffective. Any Instructional Designer will tell you that in
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Whether your audience consists of corporate executives or college students, there are various roadblocks that can prevent learners from actually absorbing the content and the key aspects of your eLearning deliverable. So, you as an eLearning professional have to consider a wide variety of eLearning challenges such as lengthy to-do lists, hectic work schedules, and
ice cream of elearning
Text is the vanilla ice cream of eLearning content. Dull and bland. Actually, I am being too charitable. In the online learning world, it’s the unwanted house guest who never leaves. eLearning designers make all sorts of efforts to avoid using text. In a 21st century world, text is soooo 18th century. So why even bother with it?
Voice Over
eLearning Voiceover Artist: How Can We Get The Most Out Of It? This is a common issue Instructional Designers face in the burgeoning digital learning industry. As the market hits $325 billion by 2025, as Global Industry Analytics quoted in Forbes, and with the rise of Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) like Netflix, you will have