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In modern times, the way human beings learn is rapidly evolving, and knowledge itself is far more accessible with the help of the internet. But knowledge and skills can rapidly become outdated and irrelevant because new knowledge and discoveries are being made almost on a day-to-day basis. The only way to overcome this issue is
In a world filled with rapidly evolving technology, it’s important to stay on top of new evolvements. With the emergence of augmented reality in the 1990s and virtual reality’s subsequent appearance soon after, these ingenious shifts are still quite young. Despite this, both VR and AR are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the gaming and
elearning terminology
For those who are unfamiliar with the eLearning industry, the amalgamation of foreign terms may be hugely intimidating. At New Leaf Technologies, we advise that clients who are unaccustomed to the relevant terminology should start here. The terms which follow are widely used with reference to all forms of online learning and understanding them is
If you’ve experienced the mundane method of dreary PowerPoint presentations accompanied by dull teachers, you’ve probably left a lesson feeling more drained than informed. With that being said, a click-along eLearning course with minimal activity is just as dry as traditional procedures when it comes to retaining knowledge. It’s easy enough to feel guilty for
You might have seen the word ‘gamification’ thrown around on edtech webpages and in promotional emails galore, but do you really know how and why this instrument is implemented in eLearning courses? Gamification involves the ingenious use of gaming mechanics and design elements to entice learners, allowing them to be educated all the while enjoying