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You might have seen the word ‘gamification’ thrown around on edtech webpages and in promotional emails galore, but do you really know how and why this instrument is implemented in eLearning courses? Gamification involves the ingenious use of gaming mechanics and design elements to entice learners, allowing them to be educated all the while enjoying
elearning management system
The term Learning Management System (LMS) is often completely foreign to those who aren’t in the eLearning industry. Even if you don’t quite know what it is, it’s very likely that you’ve used at least one LMS without even knowing it. But what exactly does this alien term mean, and what is it used for?
cranfield Aviation
SA-based aviation training institution Cranfield Aviation Training has introduced an eLearning platform as part of its online strategy to offer students an alternative means of acquiring qualification. According to the institution, the aNewSpring...
City Lodge Hotel Group (CLHG) has 57 properties under five brands located throughout SA, with an aggressive expansion plan into East and West Africa, as well as the SADC region. CLHG is committed to service excellence and, being in the hospitality...
The digital age has brought about a number of revolutions in the way that most everything is handled today. One of these revolutions is the shift away from traditional training methods, which typically involves a lot of time and money, towards more efficient methods...