Enterprise Learning Management System

Training and development budgets are often the last to be considered and should therefore be maximised.

Training and development budgets are often the last to be considered and should therefore be maximised. In addition, worldwide trends emphasise how organisations are prioritising the upskilling and retention of their human resources to secure competitive and cost advantage - the future worker is a knowledge worker and knowledge management (KM) is integral to business growth and success. This push-and-pull effect is placing significant strain on human resource and L&D departments as they scramble to deliver cost effective training solutions that are sustainable and scalable. There is no better tool in the organisational arsenal than an enterprise LMS solution to achieve this delicate balance.

Enterprise LMSs (Learner Management Systems) facilitate huge savings by drastically reducing the costs of traditional training (venue hire, refreshments, out of office time, transport and learning materials) and making learning more effective as well as continuous. This Training Cost Calculator highlights how enormous this save can be.

Enterprise Learning Management Systems also allow enterprises to track data such as employees’ retention of training knowledge, employee application of knowledge, behavioural analysis, reduction in lawsuits for compliance or safety training, team effectiveness, employee promotional suitability, course completions, employee satisfactions, managerial observations, and productivity rates.

According to Brandon Hall Group, fewer than 25% of companies capture anything beyond basic training metrics, and only about 20% of companies are able to analyse a majority of their training data in a meaningful way. Locating and tracking actionable training metrics will facilitate less resource wastage on unproductive and ineffective learning activities and highlight the activities that should be focused on in order to drive learner engagement, business results and a healthy bottom line.

Green solutions and CSR are more important than ever, adding a further benefit to using an LMS in your organisation - reducing paper waste and carbon emissions.

In short, a good enterprise level LMS can quickly pay for itself and will provide numerous long-term strategic benefits.

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