What South Africa’s learning and development professionals need to do

What South Africa’s learning and development professionals need to do.

South Africa has a golden opportunity to compete internationally for e-learning projects alongside the likes of India and the Philippines.

That is according to Tom Kuhlmann, Chief Learning Architect at the maker of the world’s most popular apps for online learning, US-based Articulate.


The skills needed to future-proof South Africa’s workers.

New technologies such as ChatGPT are making professionals nervous, and it is up to job seekers to best prepare themselves.

Micheal Hanly, the managing director of online learning provider New Leaf Technologies, said that there are learnable skills that people can equip themselves for in the ‘new world’.

Quantifying training effectiveness in the learning and development space

Quantifying training effectiveness in the learning and development space

OPINION | BUSINESSES want to see the results of training programmes reflected in day-to-day operations. That’s where data comes in, says Michael Hanly, MD New Leaf Technologies. For learning and development (L&D) professionals, it’s no longer enough to simply facilitate upskilling of staff; they actively need to drive performance within a company.

SETA-compliant tech a game-changer for South Africa’s Learning & Development professionals

SETA-compliant tech a game-changer for South Africa’s Learning & Development professionals.

The learner logs into the aNewSpring platform to complete their learning and assessments. The work can then be evaluated by the course assessors online. Then the internal moderation process can take place within the organisation.

What skills are in high demand for 2023

What skills are in high demand for 2023?

These are the top skills that every training platform should offer, or plan to offer, in the year ahead as evidenced by research, trends and analyses.

Build training programs that swim, not sink

Build training programs that swim, not sink.

Andile Nongogo is at the helm of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) as it celebrates 30 years of operations. He is confident that this journey has been successful and an effective response to the dire need for funding in education.

Storyboards’ starring role in eLearning program development

At the final eLearning Indaba for the year, Shulka Karshan-Hudson, head of learning at New Leaf Technologies, took us through a behind-the-scenes look at the development of a learning program and the key role storyboards play in the process.

How data about your learners helps you make better decisions

How data about your learners helps you make better decisions: a New Spring:

As a training business, you likely have encountered scenarios where learners reach out with questions about your upcoming training schedule.

Invest in your employees to avoid stress and lack of productivity

How to create a balanced future for your employees

Paul Hanly, founder of New Leaf Technologies, says employee training and skills development initiatives are not just business imperatives, they’re leadership ones.

Transformational leadership in complex times

Employee training and skills development initiatives are not just business imperatives, they’re leadership ones. They are the foundations on which organisations build the leaders and managers of tomorrow through intelligent programmes and approaches that recognise internal value...

How to build a culture of learning

The global skills gap is widening with many companies struggling to find the talent they need to thrive. The Employment Outlook Survey found that the talent shortage is at its worst point in 16 years.

Building a robust corporate culture

Building a robust corporate culture for engagement and retention

The Great Resignation has seen talented people leave their jobs at unprecedented levels as they pivot towards careers that inspire and engage.

Intrapreneurs and innovators powering the engines of your organisation

Welcome to the workforce of the future, writes Michael Hanly, Managing Director of New Leaf Technologies.

Business - POPI ACT

Businesses need to be clear on the finer points of the Protection of Personal Information Act to eliminate run-ins with regulatory authorities.


Digital solutions to maximise organisational output require strong and clear vision and experts who understand entity’s goals

Using digital technology to streamline operations is common practice these days, particularly since the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to work remotely.

best e-Learning professionals

How Human Resource professionals can drive business growth by embracing e-learning and digitalisation

year of massive transformation for business, 2021 sees the world of work forever changed, because rapid digitalisation has forced a sea change in the way humans learn, work, connect and collaborate.

online learning on students

Next generation e-assessment platform a game-changer in the South African education space

A new study by researchers from the University of the Western Cape (UWC)  provides fascinating insights about the impact of online learning on students, and the need for tertiary institutions to adapt their traditional learning structures.

training intelligence

Training intelligence is now a must in the upskilling of learners and staff if an organisation is to reap the benefits.

The focus should no longer be on learner outcomes, but performance outcomes. That is the unequivocal message from Paul Hanly, co-founder of South African end-to-end online learning solution provider New Leaf Technologies.

Online Learning Brings Change To The Education Landscape

The world is no longer what it used to be pre-2019. The emergence of the Covid-19 virus has changed way we live life. More and more people are opting for online learning but there’s an important element that DBE has raised about online schools.

Training Vital if South African Companies are to compete in lucrative wellness industry

The global health & wellness sector is worth R23-trillion annually. If local companies operating in the space want their share of the pie, staff must know exactly what today’s customers need and expect.

Patient Safety and the Burden of Harm

Globally as many as four in 10 patients are harmed in primary and outpatient health care. Training of health care providers has never been more crucial.

Alleviating South Africa's Health System Crisis at the Coalface.

Healthcare is facing several challenges, but comprehensive training can address them at the coalface of the sector. South Africa’s healthcare industry finds itself at a crossroads.

(Mining, Aviation, Marine, Nuclear, Oil & Gas)

Tips for effective high-stress security training-Featured Image

Tips For Effective High-stress Security Training

New Leaf Technologies looks at the critical touchpoints South African organisations should embrace to ensure robust security personnel and service. High-stress security training has become a necessity as we unpack how eLearning is leveraged to ensure invaluable insights into the essential components of robust security which is focused on both physical and cybersecurity attacks.

How to effectively embed safety as a skillset

How to effectively embed safety as a skillset.

Safety training is critical, particularly in high-risk industries such as aviation, manufacturing, mining and logistics. This training ensures that every employee understands how their actions, or lack thereof, can impact their wellbeing and the safety of others on their team.

Maintaining competence in High-Risk industries

Maintaining competence in High-Risk industries

According to a recent study, there are multiple sectors and roles that lead the way when it comes to high-risk operations and ensuring consistent skills development.

Unearthing the true value of human capital

Unearthing the true value of human capital

The mining sector is defined by its ability to adapt and evolve alongside changing global, economic and political conditions, and to refine its approaches based on trends, and customer and stakeholder expectations.

How to manage cybersecurity in a risk-averse world – co-branding

Cyber criminals are winning the war in South Africa. In its African Cyberthreat Assessment Report for 2021, Interpol found that at a conservative estimate, cyberattacks are costing the country some R2.2-billion annually.

Cranfield Aviation Training takes skills development to the digital skies

Cranfield Aviation Training takes skills development to the digital skies

The aviation industry is reliant on exceptional skills development, training and ongoing professional development to ensure that all employees remain compliant with regulations and legislator requirements.

Tighter budgets mean training more – but in a clever way

Although the South African economy grew by 1,5% in the fourth quarter of 2020, this was only due to eight out of ten industries experiencing a slight increase in revenue, says Statistics South Africa.

Top tips for retail training success.

The right type of training is boosting employee morale and has become one of the key drivers in staff members’ high performance. The learning management system (LMS) is well-suited for this purpose and enables excellent service, which keeps customers and employees happy, promoting a thriving business, says Paul Hanly, founder, New Leaf Technologies. When investing in training, these are the 10 things to take note of:

Unpacking the trends and the shifts in retail training and retention in 2023:

While the all-important consumer is the driving force for retailers’ decisions on developing operations, there would be no retail sector without hardworking and talented employees.

Putting people at the forefront of retail training

Putting people at the forefront of retail training.

The change the retail sector has undergone in the past decade is staggering. Particularly with the global pandemic propelling online shopping to unprecedented heights, retailers have had to adopt an omnichannel approach to meet customer expectations.

Retaining talent is hard but can training help

Retaining talent is hard, but can training help?

Managers are called, complaints are fired off, and social media rants can all result from an unpleasant exchange between shopper and employee.

Enhancing employee training in retail

The retail sector can be a challenging industry to thrive in. Meeting the demands of customers throughout the working day is a difficult task, but it is crucial for a business's success.

Improving staff training in the retail environment requires specific focus and attention to detail

Improving staff training in the retail environment requires specific focus and attention to detail.

The retail industry is not for the faint-hearted. Keeping customers happy every minute of the working day is hard but must be done if a business is to succeed.


Retailers turn to e-learning programmes to develop staff

While the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been nothing short of catastrophic for some industries, the retail sector has managed to hold firm amid the crisis.

Why South African retailers need to invest in e-learning programmes

As the retail landscape shifts, staff training will become ever more important to business owners and managers, says New Leaf Technologies.

South African mining company Exxaro up for global learning award

South African mining company Exxaro up for global learning award.

The mining giant is among the top three finalists in its category at the upcoming aNewSpring Awards, an annual ceremony that recognises outstanding work of companies and organisations making use of the world’s leading learning platform to enhance member and employee performance.

invest in e-learning programmes

Why e-learning will be key in South Africa’s climate change effort

The need for retailers to adapt to the ever-changing dynamic of the sector requires that everyone within their businesses is brought up to speed as quickly as possible.

renewable energy

Why South Africa is Primed to Develop Green Energy Practitioners

The renewable energy sector now employs more than 12-million people globally, with projections that this number will grow to 25-million by 2030 and at least 43-million by 2050.

Purpose of strategy shines through at packed Learning Indaba events

Purpose of strategy shines through at packed Learning Indaba events.

Hundreds of learning and development professionals packed the respective venues to gain valuable insights from global experts at the New Leaf Technologies Learning Indaba & Articulate Roadshow in Johannesburg and Cape Town...

US online learning expert headlines Learning Indaba and Articulate Roadshow in South Africa

US online learning expert headlines Learning Indaba and Articulate Roadshow in South Africa.

Internationally renowned e-learning expert Tom Kuhlmann believes South Africa’s learning economy appears to be the bridge between what is happening in more established economies and the opportunities in developing economies.

Free eLearning Indaba aims to inspire skills development

Free eLearning Indaba aims to inspire skills development

The last event of the eLearning Indaba series takes place on 22 November. This free online event hosted by New Leaf Technologies aims to inspire and assist HR and Skills & Development professionals in creating inspired learner journeys.

Free eLearning Indaba 27 July: Discover global best practices

The second of the 2022 New Leaf eLearning Indaba will be held on Wed 27 July at 10am. This free online event will once again host two very experienced international and local speakers.

2022 eLearning Indaba

Record numbers at 2022 eLearning Indaba

The first New Leaf Technologies eLearning Indaba session of the year provided valuable insights on where the Learning and Development space is headed and what aspects practitioners should focus on.

eLearning Indaba’s Second Power Hour Happens This Month

The stimulating 2021 eLearning Indaba Power Hour takes place again this April. This annual conference is proudly co-hosted by New Leaf Technologies and the eLearning events take the form of frequent power-hour online sessions.

best e-Learning professionals

Big hitters lined up for 2021 eLearning Indaba finale

Two of the world’s best e-Learning professionals in Canada’s Chris van Wingerden and Ger Driesen of the Netherlands have been lined up for the 18 November indaba, which brings down the curtain on this year’s highly successful programme of events.

inaugural eLearning Indaba Awards

Bidvest Bank wins overall title at first-ever e-Learning Indaba Awards

Bidvest Bank emerged as the overall winner in the inaugural eLearning Indaba Awards, held via a Zoom webinar on November 18.

eLearning Indaba

Annual eLearning Indaba kicks off – and you’re invited!

The eLearning Indaba is back for another year, and promises to be even bigger and better than before.

How eLearning is helping auto giant keep staff up to speed

South Africa’s Nissan Academy is making use of ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning strategies to improve service standards in its dealer network.

How eLearning is keeping car dealerships’ wheels turning

Engaging online content that can be tailored to upskill vehicle sales teams and representatives while improving supply chain management processes is proving to be a game-changer

Why customised e-learning training is key to automotive success

No more than 20 years ago, the idea of virtual and augmented reality shaping the automotive sector would have seemed absurd. But this is indeed the “reality” that has come to pass.

How e-learning is benefiting the automotive industry in a developing country like South Africa

Figures released by the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of SA (Naamsa) for June 2023 show that 46 810 units were sold – a 14% increase compared to the same month last year.

How automotive companies can save on training costs to optimise performance

South Africa’s vehicle sector is holding its own, but companies still need to be mindful of budgets while developing employees in a difficult economic environment, says New Leaf Technologies.

Driving affordable and effective training in the motor industry

The process from concept and design to production and distribution is not a cheap one, and vehicle manufacturers are faced with the additional challenge of having to balance these costs with what consumers can afford.

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There is no question that our work lives are being disrupted more than ever before with the acceleration of change occurring across our daily interfaces, routines and work culture.

Building a robust corporate culture

People Dynamics

It is becoming increasingly, difficult to effectively induct new hires in the workplace.

eLearning Indaba

Important insights into key trends shaping online learning

The eLearning Indaba, an annual conference that attracts speakers and attendees from around the world to venues across South Africa.

E-Learning Will Be Key to Climate Change Efforts

As the republic implements strategies to reduce its carbon footprint, companies will need to bring staff up to speed on policy and new standard operating procedures for a green future.