LMS Platforms for Business

An LMS, or Learner Management System is a web-based technology used by organisations to plan, deploy, and assess eLearning.

An LMS, or Learner Management System is a web-based technology used by organisations to plan, deploy, and assess eLearning. It facilitates the creation and delivery of elearning content, allowing businesses to capture integral data about learner participation and performance, and allowing learners to experience interactive and engaging eLearning interventions such as gamification elements, threaded discussions, discussion forums, social and blended learning events, video conferencing and SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) files. An LMS consist of two elements: a user interface that the learners, facilitators, instructors, and administrators engage with, and a server that performs its base functionality.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes use LMS Platforms to drastically streamline training interventions. LMSs enable organisations to maximise training efficiency and efficacy and, most importantly, return on training and employee development investment by enabling unrivalled KM (knowledge management).

Businesses commonly utilise Elearning LMS plaforms for business to deliver employee training (such as product and sales courses, onboarding, policy orientation and professional development plans). Employers can easily assess the efficacy of training at the push of a button and can adjust interventions accordingly.

Employees can access training from any device, at any time, from anywhere and so learning can happen continuously and quickly. Out of office time is drastically reduced and so are the other costs of traditional in-person training such as venue-hire, transport, learning materials and refreshments. Some LMS Platforms, such as the aNewSpring LXP (Learner Experience Platform), even boast memory retention and artificial technology features to personalise learning to each individual.

The benefits of implementing an ELearning LMS in your business are numerous and include simple and fast employer onboarding; instant insights; flexibility to change learning content in seconds across your entire organisation; social learning benefits; custom course authoring tools; real-time learner progress and learning analytics; a central knowledge and document repository; and effortless compliance management.

Ready-made Courseware

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Computer & Soft Skills

This course is designed to teach students the in’s and out’s of critical workplace required computer skills.

Health & Safety

From food safety, environmental matters to work place safety management, our Health and Safety courses equip students to handle the unique challenges associated to this field.

Cyber Security

Our comprehensive Cyber security course will empower your organisation on how to best bullet proof your organisation against the dark world of phishing, email and cloud security.

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The ”Career Development” courses are aimed to equip students with career advancement soft skills.